Bahrain’s teargas war and how the UK backs Manama regardless

Not much time to write these days I’m afraid. I’m preparing for a trip to Morocco, a country bursting with stories that beg to be told.

Some of them are sad and shocking, like the situation of sub-Saharan African migrants who face police violence and discrimination as they try to reach a better life in Europe. Others are inspiring, like the documentary film-makers challenging government censorship.

Meeting such brave individuals is one of the perks of being a reporter. Sadly though, repression is the flip side of the coin. Pretty much every state in the Arab world is ruled by an oppressive government, with the possible exception of Lebanon, which doesn’t really have one. The regime in Bahrain is particularly repressive, engaging in a fierce crackdown on a protest movement that began in 2011. In “Bahrain’s Lethal Teargas War” for the Daily Beast, I showed how the authorities are turning tear gas canisters into tools of murder and collective punishment, and how activists across the world are trying to stop it.

I wish my own government would do more to stop it. The Duke of York, who never misses a chance to suck up to dictators and has been described even by the arch-royalist Daily Fail has labelled a “boorish, bungling freeloader,” was in Bahrain last week to try and sell killer jets to Manama. Here are my rantings on “GREAT British Week“, for Vice UK.

Happy Wednesday.

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